Is Penny Stock Dream Team A Scam?

You’ve probably seen some promotions urging you to join Penny Stock Dream Team.  They make some fairly large claims that are highly compelling and probably prompted you to seek out more information regarding their product.

One of the main questions asked “Is Penny Stock Dream Team A Scam?”  Well is it? In short, no it’s not a scam.  However, they do discuss one of the biggest scams going on today, and it has to do with Wall Street Bankers.

This video goes over, in detail, the con job that has been happening to many of us Average Joes in the stock market.

Michael and Frank put together their Penny Stock Dream Team system touting a formula to take $5 and turn it into over $1 Million in 9 trades.  Is this really possible?  In short, Yes it is.

The basis behind this stock market “magic trick” is simple.  Start with a small amount of investment capital and compound your stock market gains from each trade by rolling your investment over into the next trade.  You do this 9 times.  Sounds easy right?

See that’s not all that Michael and Frank are going to show you.  But more on that later.  So as easy as it sounds, make 9 trades and make a million bucks?  Really? This has scam written all over it right?  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The tricky part is finding those 9 stocks

The truth is, if you could find 9 consecutive stocks that performed near or as hoped, you could do this.  The tricky part is finding those 9 stocks, and knowing when to buy and sell these stocks.  It took expert, full time, traders years to be able to successfully make profitable picks.  So what are these stocks and what are the entry and exit points?

Well, you won’t need to worry about that, because Michael and Frank as the Penny Stock Dream Team are experts in the stock market, they have spent years figuring out how to pick winning stocks on a consecutive basis and they are going to pick them for you, they will even give suggested entry and exit points for you.  All this right to your email box.

That’s the great thing about this.  Receive, profitable investment ideas, technical analysis, information directly in your email inbox, execute the trade, follow the plan.  All this while you go about your daily routine.  In time, who knows, you could do this full time, because Frank and Michael aren’t going to stop sending you profitable investment ideas after the 9 trades, they will keep coming.

2 Month Money Back Guarantee

Here’s what I like about Michael and Frank, they are so confident that you will lover Penny Stock Dream Team, they are giving you 2 Months to be sure.  In fact, to be sure you are receiving profitable investment ideas, you are encouraged to paper trade their picks to see how your paper portfolio performs before investment real money.  There aren’t many investment products out there that give this kind of guarantee.  Heck, there aren’t many products in general that give a guarantee like this.

So if you were wondering if this is a scam, a sham or a con, from what I have seen, it is the real deal.  I, myself have been in the stock market for over a decade, and one of the best tools I know of to find investment ideas is a great investment newsletter.

Michael and Frank have been successfully picking winning stocks for years, and have built up quite a following among even other expert traders.  Both have received the highest ratings among expert traders.   Their advertisements may seem aggressive however, that is only to get your attention and show you what Wall Street Bankers would rather you not know.  Why?  Because your taking their business.  If you don’t have to depend on them for their “expert analysis” or “expert advice” who’s money will they take?

Another great thing about Penny Stock Dream Team is, these guys can make winning picks in any type of market, bull or bear.  How so?  Because they rely on their knowledge of how stocks move.  They understand that its all about finding the right stock, and timing.   I’m sure you’ve heard the term, Buy Low, Sell High.  This couldn’t be more true when dealing with the stock market.  And no one knows this better than Michael and Frank.

The Largest Most Loyal Subscriber Base In Stock Picking History

Michael and Frank want to put together the biggest and most loyal subscriber base in stock picking history.  Anyone can collect a subscriber base, but to create a loyal following you must have winning picks that people trust.  As I said before, these guys are highly confident they can accomplish this and even give you a 2 month money back guarantee while they prove it to you.  So really, ask yourself, what if it’s true?

Another big factor in investing, not just in the stock market, but in anything is weighing out the risk reward scenario.  If a risk is just too great for the potential reward, then smart investors don’t do it.  However, if the risk is minimal and the reward is potentially life changing, any smart investor will take that chance.  Here’s probably the most important part about what Michael and Frank are offering you.  NO RISK.

That’s right, NO RISK!  How?  Because they suggest that you paper trade before risking any real money.  You can do this for 2 months, and when you see that their suggested trades are profitable, why wouldn’t you continue?

So there you have it. Scam? No.  Great opportunity? Yes.

Watch the video again and get in on the action.  And remember, if you believe in luck, then you already know that luck is where preparation meets opportunity.   And a good investor can identify opportunity.   Good luck to you!

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