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Best way to invest in penny stocks — — Click the link now. See a real example of how ,000 turns into .7 Million. Penny stocks are a very risky investment but some people have done very well with them. Be careful and do your research.


0:16 Invest in penny stocks
0:56 It’s necessary to work with the right penny stocks
1:06 97% of penny stocks are worthless or garbage.
1:46 Real life example of how ,000 grew to .7 million in 5 steps
2:44 1 carefully researched recommendation a week

Many stock analysts advise to stay away from penny stocks, pointing out that the vast majority of them are almost or totally worthless. They are right about that. On the other hand, serious money can be made by investing in penny stocks if you have the right information.

Identifying good penny stock opportunities takes someone with excellent experience and knowledge and a lot of patience. Most of us don’t really have the background or temperament to spend all our time sifting through the opportunities and separating the few good from the mostly bad.

Nathan Gold, The Penny Stock Egghead, makes it clear, “97.32% of penny stocks are garbage! I wouldn’t even recommend them to my worst enemy!” (We’ll talk more about Nathan Gold later.)

Can people without a lot of knowledge successfully make money without expert guidance? The truth is that some people just get lucky and do well for a short time by picking stocks that look good or look like they are underpriced. In the long run they fail.

It makes sense that you can only be successful in the volatile and risky penny stock arena if you know and understand it intimately … or if you get guidance from someone who know it intimately; someone with deep experience and knowledge and an obsessive attention to research and investigation.

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I know that I don’t personally have the background and experience to succeed in penny stock investing on my own. And I suspect that most of the folks reading this article are really not capable of doing the deep due diligence that will give them the best chance of investing successfully.

Really, the truth is that I don’t have the patience — even if I had the experience and knowledge — to pore through all the necessary material in order to sift out the good opportunities from the junk. I count on the recommendation of a person who devotes endless hours analysing opportunities and putting them through a rigorous filtering process in order to come up with a few gems.

This is where Nathan Gold comes in. We mentioned Nathan earlier as The Penny Stock Egghead. Nathan provides a subscription service where he recommends one stock a week for investment … not 10 or 20 stocks, just 1. His recommendations come from his obsessive research in the penny stock marketplace. Nathan calls himself as a “certified math geek”. He has an excellent track record of providing profitable penny stock recommendations and that is what he devotes his full attention to. He loves penny stock investing and he says they are “proven to be the quickest gaining investments in the financial universe!”

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The One-Trade-A-Week–Club is Nathan’s subscription service where he makes a single trade recommendation each week. While most penny stock investing is risky, Nathan’s recommendations are carefully and exhaustively researched. And, he offers a 60 day guarantee where you can get your subscription fee refunded quickly if you are not satisfied for any reason.

With the guarantee you can feel comfortable trading immediately or taking a more careful approach by “paper trading” until you are satisfied that the recommendations actually are profitable. You can satisfy yourself that they bring good results before risking any money.

How much more confident will you be when you know the stocks you invest in have been carefully chosen by a proven penny stock expert?

The link provided here will take you to Nathan’s website. You really want to see his real life example of how an initial investment of ,000 led to a phenomenal .7 million in only 5 steps. No one claims that you will have the same success, but this is a real example. You know that the people who have the greatest success are those who carefully prepare for success and take effective action.

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